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Friday, November 26, 2010

Its always nice to hear

I have created many custom items for people over the years. Mostly these pieces have been made to be given as a gift to someone, so I never hear how the person receiving the gift liked it. I just received an email from my customer who had me make the below mentioned pendant. She gave the gift to her daughter for her 40th birthday. Here is what she said:

Hi Janet,

My daughter loves the opal and silver pendant you designed for her.  She’s gotten many compliments on it.  When she isn’t wearing it, she sets it on the table as a lovely decorative piece.

Thank you so much for helping make my daughter’s birthday very special.
Its so nice to get the feedback on something I made. All last month I wanted to call to find out, but was too scared to call for fear that she didn't like it. 

How many artist out there have had these thoughts too?