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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Using Mold Pellets for Custom File Handle

Have you ever heard of Multi-Mold Pellets? At first glance the pellets look like rock salt. But, they are actually small plastic pellets that become malleable when heated in hot water (140 -170 degrees F) They can be used to make molds, reverse molds of texture plates, doming forms, and more!

To warm, place a small amount of pellets into a stainless steel strainer and then place in a pan of hot water. When they become clear they are ready to mold.
Pellets in pan of hot water

Pellets are ready to mold

Forming a shape with my fingers
New handle
File with no handle
Here, I formed a handle for my flat file. Once you form your desired shape, allow the plastic to air-cool before using. The plastic turns opaque and hard once cool. If you want to re-use or re-shape, just heat again until clear and re-shape.

 For more tips on using this great product, go to the mold-making section PMC Connection's website.