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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Questions I ask my self while setting up my studio

I recently moved to Alto NM and set up my new studio and thought I’d like to share with you some of the things I thought about while setting it up.
I asked myself some questions and then set it up from there.

First and foremost will I be teaching in my studio or elsewhere?In this case I’ll be teaching in my studio. So I need to look at what my students will need. They will need a workspace. So, my next questions I need to answer is how many students can my studio accommodate and how will I place/make working stations? Where will I sit to demonstrate?

I placed my bench in back of the room facing towards the door (front).
I placed a low table in the center of the room. This table can be used for bead stringing, and working with metal clay. I can place two students here. All in all now, I can fit 5 students in my new studio.  

I installed a counter top along the right side of the room with flex shafts attached as polishing stations and work stations.

Another is along the opposite side with cabinets under it. They hold supplies for classes. I place class supplies on this counter top, depending on what I am teaching that day.

My studio doesn’t have heat, so I put a fake fireplace space heater in the room. I put shelves in to hold merchandise, tools, for sale.

What will I teach?
I will be teaching metal smithing and metal clay classes, so I need to look at storage for tools, books, chemicals, soldering stations, and a place for my kilns. I have a  PMC kiln both that uses regular 110 current which is readily available. I need to store my flammable chemicals in a locked cabinet.

I also installed a fire detector and next to the entry door a fire extinguisher placed at around 4’ off the ground for easy access. Nothing should ever block the fire extinguisher.

The soldering area will be in the far corner where I can open cross windows allowing for venting. Since I am renting this place I cannot install a vent system. This room has windows on three sides and double doors on one. I opened one window above the soldering station  and an opposite window or door on the other side of the room. I have an Oxygen and Acetylene torch, that has its own stand, but my Acetylene air torch does not. It must be attached to the wall with a secure chain to keep it from falling over.

For fire proofing placed some left over granite on top of the counter top and a Solderite board on top of that. Home Depot sells stainless steel sheet that could be placed on the wood counter top and then have the Solderite board on top if it.

Finally, I bought some small safety signs,  Oxygen in use, Flammables, No Smoking, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid kit, and some others. The oxygen and no smoking signs on posted on my front door. Of course the Fire Extinguisher sign is next to the fire extinguisher and the First Aid sign is the same. 

I hope this helps bring to light some simple things to think about when setting up your studio.