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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Personal web site or Etsy?

I am working on my personal web site where I will offer up for sale DVD tutorials, some of my metal art, and advertise my classes. Now, do I go the cheep route and have the address with some other name in it (example:  or do I pay extra dollars to have my own address?
Would it be better to put this stuff up on and just be done with it?
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I hear with Etsy, in order to be found, you have to list many items daily! Is it worth listing amounts and time for listing? I haven't heard of anyone making good money off of Etsy. Most of the items sold on it list for under $30.00. Most of my art is over that price point.  Hmmmmmm.

Does anyone out there have a "real" success story by listing on Etsy? Let me know?

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  1. There are people who do make great money on Etsy. The secret is not to necessarily list new product daily, but to re list the product you already have on there, even if the listing is no where close to expiring. This brings your product to the top of the search listings.

    If you're going to open a new shop, I suggest you list only a few things per day. Try to drag it out as long as possible and then relist at least once a week.