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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eye-opening Ideas for Using Ice Resin

Ice Resin is a clear two part epoxy that forms a solid crystal clear piece that won’t yellow over time.
In this report I’d like to inspire you with creative ways of using this medium.
Resin offers jewelry artists many creative ways of uses from embedding items in it, using it over pictures or paper for a special glossy look, and using it as faux enameling.  

Your imagination makes this medium unlimited!

In the 1970s resin was mixed with chipped stone and used as a stone inlay. I take that idea a little further crushing the chipped stone with my dapping set and then mixing it with the two-part epoxy.

Note: wear a mask and wash your hands and tools afterwards.  Some stones can be toxic when crushed.


Pour the mixture into a bezel or an inlay piece and then allow it to set.

Note: use a toothpick to spread the resin to the edges of the bezel.

This gives a solid stone look.

For this piece placed red and black glass frit making a design. I then completely filled the bezel with resin.

An easy way to save a momentum is to place it encased in resin.
Here I took a cutting from a Christmas card, covered it with Modge Podge and allowed it to dry.
What a great way to save mementos from the holidays, birthday cards, or even baby shower cards. Make them into charms for a one-of-a-kind gift! 

I placed it into the bezel and poured the mixture of Ice Resin over it.

This is a beautiful way to showcase a graphic print or photograph.

In my next report I will show how to make faux cloisonné enameling using Ice Resin.

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