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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Critical Eye on your Jewelry; How do People Really View Your Jewelry?

Janet Alexander
Instructor Janet Alexander

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I was looking at this cool photo of a painting and I realized something about it. At first it looks like a nice painting of a man on a horse with a pack horse walking behind it. Kinda nice.
Then as I examine it more closely I notice other things about it. There are hidden faces in it! Actually there are 11 faces in it.
Now I no longer look at it the same way. All I see are faces!

So, my question to you jewelry makers out there, how do people look at your jewelry? Do they at first look at the overall beauty but then upon further exam do they find the tiny flaws or the unfinished finishes? After viewing these, how do they now see your jewelry?

Its something to think about!
Notice the flaws around the bail
A good way to look at your jewelry with a fresh eye is to take a closeup photo of it. The camera never lies! Then go back and fix what you didn't see!


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  2. Thank you for the great suggestion. I do see the flaws in my pieces after I photograph them. Unfortunately I have only taken pics of finished pieces. Some flaws can be fixed but would have been easier and faster prior to firing. Starting today I'll take pics of my greenware. You are awesome. Obviously I want to improve my skills, especially the quality of my work, but don't always know what direction I should take. Your tid bits and suggestions, based on your vast experience, are so helpful to my growth process. Thank you Janet for your willingness to share.