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Monday, September 20, 2010

Creating a custom pendent for a customer

I met with my client today. She wants to have a pendant made for her daughter's 40th birthday. She wants opals in the pendant. She picked out three opals one 10 x14mm and the other two 3 x 5mm.

She showed me photos of her daughters home. I was trying to find a style her daughter likes. I noticed a dish hanging on the wall with a pattern on it. She told me about what her daughter enjoys doing in her spar time, walking on the beach, nature, and such. From this I started drawing an idea. The first one, didn't interest her; it was a takeoff from a design on the dish. She said she would like something more organic, ocean like.  So I drew something that looks like a shell.

She sat up-straight in her chair and then leaned in. That's it!

From there I tweaked the drawing, and incorporated the stones into the design.
I made a copy for her to keep and I went back to my studio to make a prototype in polymer clay.

I sent her a photo of the prototype. She had some concerns about parts of the design and I made adjustments.

Now its time to start on the real pendant!

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