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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making the Piece

I decided to create the pendant using PMC (precious metal clay).  I
could carve it in wax and then cast it, but it would take too much time.
I rolled out the clay
4-cards thick and then used the prototype to trace around it,
so I could get the same shape and size.

I cut out the shape and
dried it on a light bulb to get the dome I wanted.

I sanded the edges and
top. Then  I carved the design on the left side.

I located where I wanted
the center stone to sit, cut the hole for it and  started
adding my texture down the middle using PMC paper chips. 

I cut areas for the two
smaller stones and then fired it.

Now I am
working on the back side of the pendant adding a place for the
center stone to sit on. Next I will send the client a photo and
gain approval before I continue.

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